A Christmas Give Away!!! “Christmas for the D” Concert Tickets

My church is involved with a great organization called Central Detroit Christian Development Corporation. Together with the CDC our church purchases and refurbishes homes and gives them away to needy families in Detroit. This organization and its partners are helping to bring the city back one family and neighborhood at a time. The CDC also provides after-school tutoring, job skills training, parenting classes and has several vegetable gardens that provide fresh produce to the neighborhoods. Recently, the CDC purchased an abandoned church building that will be transformed into a preschool to provide the early educational opportunities so desperately needed in the community it serves. I’m proud of my church for being part of the healing and renewed sense of hope we are seeing in our beloved “D”.

This Saturday evening, my church, Ward Evangelical Presbyterian in Northville, Michigan, is hosting a benefit concert for the CDC. All proceeds from “Christmas for the D” will go to purchase more houses, help to renovate the new preschool building and generally support the work that’s going on in the city. American Idol star, Jena Irene Asciutto headlines the event hosted by Chuck Gaidica and former Miss America Kirsten Haglund. Concert-goers will also enjoy the musical offerenings of Detroit’s Selected of God Choir (America’s Got Talent), the Northville High School Choir and Drumline and the Clarenceville High School Choir. It’s going to be a fabulous night of Christmas music!

So, in honor of the work of the CDC I’m giving away two tickets to the 7 PM show!!! All you have to do to win is write one sentence about why you love Detroit or share a Detroit memory and your name will be entered into a drawing! You’ve got a little over 24 hours to leave your comments. The drawing will take place at Noon on Friday, December 4!

You don’t want to miss this incredible chance to hear some of the best music of the Christmas Season and celebrate the amazing work of the CDC! Now, let’s get those comments rolling!

5 thoughts on “A Christmas Give Away!!! “Christmas for the D” Concert Tickets”

  1. Hailing originally from Idaho, I first discovered Detroit through its music, specifically the Motown sound and Marvin Gaye, in particular. Listening to an interview with Berry Gordy yesterday on NPR, I was reminded of all the wonderful music that has come out of Detroit–what an incredible gift it has been throughout my life (and to many, many people across the world).!

  2. Going to Detroit meant a yearly trip to Boblo Island for a full day of family fun. Oh how I treasure those memories. And then as I got older, going every year to the Gold Cup Hydroplane Races. Then, to the Fox Theater for Sesame Street Live. Detroit has so much to offer and I’m so happy for its revitalization.

  3. I hail from Dublin, Ohio; which is less than a 45 minute drive from Columbus. Yeah, that’s right, When I was born, I was born an OSU Buckeye, bred to be a rival against the U of M Wolverines. But after I moved to the Metro Detroit area of Oakland County, Farmington Hills became my home, Royal Oak was my mothers home, it’s where my mothers roots began. How can I possibly deny that I’m a Detroit Tiger, Piston, Red Wing, or even a North Farmington bowler? This became my home, and it’s my home for as long as I’ll remain here. Nothing can take that away. I miss Ohio some days, but as the Navy S.E.A.L.’s declare: “The only easy day was yesterday”.

  4. What a great program CDC is! Sounds like it’s going to be a wonderful concert too. Can’t enter for the tickets though. We’re going to another fundraiser that evening 🙁

  5. And the winner of the 2 tickets to Christmas for the D is (drumroll). . . Anthony Lee!!! Thanks so much everyone for sharing your stories about Detroit!!! Anthony, please message me with your email address or I will be in touch on FB to give you instructions for picking up your tickets!! Enjoy!

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