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Cover Reveal and Pre-order Link for THANKU: POEMS OF GRATITUDE!

I’m so happy to be able to share the beautiful cover and pre-order link for the upcoming poetry collection, THANKU: POEMS OF GRATITUDE, that I’m over-the-moon happy to be part of. Sometimes, a project speaks to your heart so profoundly that you’re at a loss for words as to how happy you are to see it come to life. That’s this project for me. It all started with an email from my writing partner, Lisa Rose, that said, “Did you see this? You should do it!” She was referring to a contest that the amazing and generous Miranda Paul was hosting on her blog to find two new poets to complete her collection of children’s poems about being thankful. So I thought, “Why not?” and wrote a poem about a child getting her first pair of glasses (that was me) and trying to be grateful for the huge change in her life. Of course, a kid might not get excited about a poem about just any girl getting her first pair of glasses, so I thought a special, well-known character might get the job done! And it did. Not long after submitting, I got the email from Miranda saying that she loved the poem and it was definitely in the running for one of the available slots. Then, a few weeks later, I got the email that said, “YES!” and I’ve been enjoying this journey…which included lots of edits and a few rewrites, ever since!

And even though I’m a little behind schedule, here it is…




You can pre-order the book here:







It’s moments like these that make the writer journey so sweet. Thank you all for your continued support!


Sensibility- Never pass up an opportunity, no matter how impossible it may seem. Every effort along the way helps grow you as a writer.

Sense- Keep an eye out for contests and calls for submissions. These can often open doors in unexpected and amazing ways!


Watch for a THANKU: POEMS OF GRATITUDE giveaway in the comings months:)



Fall Picture Book Favorites Giveaway Winners!

bear-has-a-story Thanks again to everyone who made my Fall Picture Book Favorites series here on Sensibility and Sense a  success!

I enjoyed reading all of your comments each week and certainly have some new titles to add to my own fall picture  book collection! And now, without further adieu, the winners of the Fall Picture Book Favorites giveaway are…

Joseph Miller

Vicky Lorencen

Lisa Rose


I have one copy of each of my fall favorites to give away, so contact me with your pick  and your address, and Pumpkin-Moonshine-by-Tasha-Tudor-300x300then watch your mail! (First come first pick:)

And keep visiting Sensibility and Sense for more great writer tips, encouragement, resources and giveaways!

Happy Writing!





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