I’ll be closed for critiques beginning September 1, 2021, until sometime after the release of MRS. NOAH on October 5, 2021.


Writing a picture book that works takes time and dedication. At whatever stage you find your manuscript- draft, revision, rewrite- a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective can help take your story to the next level.

A PGWRites First-Look picture book critique includes: 

  1. A list of the strengths and weaknesses of your current draft.
  2. A list of guiding questions to help with the revision process.
  3. An analysis of your hook and where your book might fit in the current picture book market.

Cost: $25.00

A PGWRites Complete picture book critique includes:

  1. Line-by-line markup of your manuscript with edits and suggestions.
  2. A one-page written critique with a detailed explanation of the manuscript mark-up.
  3. A list of the strengths/weaknesses of the manuscript from my perspective, as well as a list of guided questions to help with the revision process.
  4. Answers to your questions about the critique in one follow-up email.

Cost: $50.00

    • A follow-up critique based on my suggestions is available for $25.00.


Complete Picture Book Critique:  $50.00

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First-Look or Follow-Up Critique: $25.00

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Submission Instructions:

Once payment is made, submit your picture book manuscript of 1000 words or less to with PGWRITES CRITIQUE SUBMISSION- FIRST LOOK/COMPLETE CRITIQUE/FOLLOW-UP (choose one) in the subject line. Copy and paste your MS into the body of an email (no attachments please).


My Credentials:

I’m a freelance writer, editor and children’s book author with over 25 years of experience in publishing. I’m also a veteran English/Language Arts instructor with 10-years of experience teaching creative writing and journalism.



“Patti is my “go to” person for all of my picture book critiques. She provides thoughtful, thorough feedback on the bigger picture of the story as well as the separate story elements which really helps to refer back to when making revisions. I feel that Patti has a knack for understanding the voice of the story and knows how to provide suggestions that are relevant to that voice. Her honest, experienced, and educated approach to critiquing is something I always look forward to when sending her a manuscript.” 

Jodi McKay, author of PENCIL’S PERFECT PICTURE (Albert Whitman, May 2019) and WHERE ARE THE WORDS? (Albert Whitman, December 2016).


“Because I am a writer for older children and young adults, when I was recently struck with a picture book idea, I knew I needed some editorial guidance for the manuscript and knew Patti Richards — a local SCBWI leader who always gives keen writing advice — would be the perfect person to help. Patti gave me suggestions for overall structure, character arcs, and balance between visuals and text. She helped me develop a stronger vision for the manuscript in a way that was encouraging and motivating. Her knowledge of the industry and craft was exactly what I needed to help me turn a raw story into a polished one. I’m truly grateful for her wonderful editorial insight!”

Heather Smith Meloche, author of RIPPLE (Penguin Putnam, September 2016).


“I would highly recommend Patti Richards. For years, we have critiqued together. Her insights are keen. Patti helps me push to the “next level” of storytelling. Without her expert help, I know I wouldn’t have sold a book or found an agent. However, what I admire most about her is that she is respectful and kind. Even if the draft needs a TON work, she motivates others to keep trying and revise. Patti is a writer who always lifts other writers up. I think I would have quit long ago if I didn’t have her by my side cheering me on.”

Lisa Rose, author of THE POCKET PICTURE (Ready Readers, August 2019), STAR POWERS (Chapter Book Series, Rourke Pub Group, July 2018), (SHMULIK PAINTS THE TOWN (Kar-Ben Publishing, January 2016),  OH NO! THE EASTER BUNNY IS ALLERGIC TO EGGS!, and OH NO! THE TOOTH FAIRY BROKE HER WING! (Curious World/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)




12 thoughts on “Critiques”

  1. Hi Patti, just mentioned your two for one special. I immediately signed up.
    Thank you in advance Patti. I look forward to your critiques

    1. If you are looking for a professional critique, then look no further than Patti. Patti gives in-depth, insightful critiques, as wells as suggestions and words of encouragement.

      I recommended Patti to my critique group and will be submitting more manuscripts to her.

  2. This is truly a bargain compared to others. What a way to help those in tight budget but have something to offer to the children to read. I will support these kind of mentors and spread the word. thanks Patti. I look forward to reading your book, Mrs. Noah, which by the way I won in the raffle. Yay!

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