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Writer, editor, storyteller, speaker, author Patti Richards has spent more than 25 years spinning yarns and writing stories ….

After a successful education career in which she taught middle and high school language arts, social studies, public speaking and theater, Patti Richards’ inspirational connection with children simply could not be contained in the classroom. Her innate way with a story and her love of literature had long inspired her teaching. She’d written plays for her students and short stories and little snippets of this and that, but in retirement, she found she had much more to say.

“I first knew I was a writer in the 7th grade. My teacher gave us an assignment (I don’t remember what it was), and I remember looking out the window and writing from what felt like another place, outside of the classroom. When I got my paperback she had written a note encouraging me to explore my gift and see how far it would take me. I’ve been exploring for more than 20 years now and loving every minute of it.”

Patti’s insightful features on parenting, women’s health and education have been published in San Diego Parent, The Lookout, Homelife, Metro Parent and in many other print and digital publications nationwide. Patti was a Third Place Winner in the Smart Writers Amazing Story Contest in 2010 and also received the Gold Medal Award for Special Section Within a Publication (55K+ circulation), from Parenting Publications of America in 2003.

But Patti’s most exciting yarns have always been child-focused…

“I love kids, and I love speaking their language. I want my words to bring light into a world that can be hard for kids to navigate. I write to give them joy and some positive road signs along the way.”

Her first children’s story, “Fishing on the Black Volta,” was published in Boy’s Quest Magazine. She has three nonfiction books, an ebook, and is part of the award-winning poetry collection, THANKU: POEMS OF GRATITUDE. Patti’s work has also been featured in Highlights Magazine and she’s been a Katherine Paterson Prize at Hunger Mountain honoree twice. Patti’s picture book manuscripts have also received honorable mentions in the annual Writers Digest writing contest.

Patti lives with her family in Farmington Hills, Michigan. She enjoys reading, gardening, singing, playing the piano, painting and tending to her flock, which includes Gracie the dog, Barnabas, the big black puppy, and Willow the cat.

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  1. I heard your story about the book Mrs. Noah and was thrilled with the story you are telling.

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