It’s a Picture Book Critique Giveaway!

I’m celebrating hitting the 2000-follower mark on Twitter this morning with a Picture Book Critique Giveaway! Be one of the first five people to comment on this blog post and receive a picture book critique (800 words or less) absolutely FREE! That’s a $50 value completely free! So comment below and I’ll reply with submission instructions!  Thanks so much for being part of my writer journey:)

Happy Writing!

24 thoughts on “It’s a Picture Book Critique Giveaway!”

    1. Hi Katrina! Thanks so much for stopping by! If you’re a picture book writer, please send me the manuscript you’d like critiqued whenever you’re ready. Put Twitter Picture Book Critique in the subject line and copy and paste your manuscript into the body of your email. Looking forward to seeing you here! All best, Patti Richards

      1. This is so wonderful! Thank you! I am new (but committed) to the kid lit world and will look forward to your seasoned insight!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Shereen, and welcome to Sensibility and Sense! When you’re ready, send me an email with Twitter Picture Book Critique in the Subject line and your picture book manuscript pasted in the body of your email! Looking forward to reading your work:) Patti

      1. Thank you! What a blessing! I feel like I won the lottery. Looking forward to your insight and comments.

      1. Wow – thank you, what a great opportunity! Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.. Now I just need to figure out which manuscript to send you!

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