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Expect Miracles

I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready to see green grass and tulips popping out their pretty little heads to say, “Hello!” We’re in the middle-of-the-road time in the Mitten, where everything needs a good spring shower to wash away the last signs of winter. I love spring. Next to fall, it’s my favorite season. Spring is a miracle that comes each year, and we just get to sit back and watch God’s handiwork as He brings everything back to life.

I’ve been feeling a little low about my writing these days- like my muse needs to run barefoot in the rain to get the cobwebs out. It’s one of those times when it seems like I’m walking uphill wearing waders full of water. That sounds a little dramatic, but hey, endless spring sniffles, an Internet that’s spent more time down than up in the last month, and no responses from editors and agents can get even the most courageous writer down. But last night I got a gentle reminder that I need an attitude adjustment.


About five years ago, my family began a journey that would be a significant challenge to our faith. In the course of one year, I was diagnosed with RA and my son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that caused very large tumors to develop in his abdomen and skull. I was bedridden for many weeks as the doctors tried to figure out what was wrong with me. Once I was on medication and doing better, we learned my son would need a big surgery and he’d have to miss his second semester of college. Less than one year later, doctors found a second tumor in his skull that would require another big surgery. We hung on to our faith like people hanging on to a cliff with bare and bloody fingers. But with God’s help, we made it and can look back and see miracles all along the way.

And that’s what I found last night. A miracle marker.

I was looking in my nightstand drawer for some throat spray when I felt a small bracelet. I pulled it out, and right there in big, bold letters it said, “EXPECT MIRACLES.” And then I remembered. The nurses at the cancer center had given this bracelet to my son before a treatment that was supposed to prevent the need for surgery on his head. We weren’t able to complete the treatment because his tumor had grown, so he ended up having surgery anyway. But the message on that bracelet kept us going when all we wanted to do was give up.

I think we all forget to expect the miraculous in our lives. It might sound a little sentimental, but just the fact that you are breathing and reading this is its own miracle. Spring and Easter are times of rebirth. The truth I base my life on is all about death, resurrection and a promise of hope and life to come. And that is the greatest miracle of all.

So, are you “expecting miracles” today? Or are you letting the humdrum of everyday life sour your attitude and stall your writing? If so, take time to look around and find the miracles just waiting to be discovered.

Sensibility- Live in expectation that your best work is yet to come and your best days are ahead of you.

Sense- If you’re struggling to stay motivated, get up from your desk and start spring cleaning. Getting rid of clutter makes more room for your muse.

How is your writing journey today?



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